Only two mangoes will meet the daily requirement of vitamin C.


According to nutritionists, amla contains 3 times and 10 times more vitamin C than guava and paper lemon. Amla contains 15 to 20 times more vitamin C than oranges, 120 times more than apples, 24 times more than mangoes and 60 times more than bananas.

An older person needs 30 mg of vitamin C every day. This amount of vitamin C is available by eating two mangoes a day. Playing amla increases the taste in the mouth.

It also has many other medicinal properties-

Amla works on the central nervous system.

Amla extract is beneficial for long term cough and cold.

Strengthens the heart and brain.

Amla keeps teeth, hair and skin well.

Increases appetite.

Helps to relieve constipation, headache, acidity, anemia, nausea.

It is beneficial in diabetes.

Amla is very useful to eliminate hair growth. Eliminates the problem of dandruff.

Amla has antioxidant and anti-cancer properties. Amla inhibits the growth of cancer cells, the study said.

Eating amla juice every morning works to prevent peptic ulcer.

Amla helps the body get rid of toxins and loses weight.

Amla works very fast in controlling high blood pressure. Amla powder with honey every day gives good results.


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