For that reason do not eat standing up


Many times we rush to eat due to work pressure and lack of time on hand. Sometimes I start eating while standing. Never do this.

Eating while standing increases stress and impairs digestion, which is not good for health. If you have this habit, change it today.

In this regard, DMEC Telemedicine Department Co-ordinator Associate Professor. Mohammad Zaid Hossain told that one should not eat standing up. Sit down and eat slowly. Digestion is impaired by eating food while standing and in a hurry.

He said that when he stood up and ate food, it went straight to his stomach. This leads to poor digestion of food and digestive problems. And even if there is no problem in the esophagus, stomach, there may be a problem of acidity.

He added that if food is not digested properly, its effects fall on the whole body. Because indigestion causes various problems. Indigestion causes gas, bloating, constipation, constipation, heartburn and fatigue.

What to do?

Never eat standing up. In addition, to increase digestion, fiber-rich and whole grain foods, green vegetables and fruits are good for the digestive system.

In addition, food should be chewed well and plenty of water should be consumed. Don't eat high fat foods.


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