5 ways to increase digestion

 5 ways to increase digestion

Increasing digestion is essential for a person's well-being, which can lead to various physical problems.

Jannat Ara Urmi, nutritionist and diet consultant at JB Diagnostic Complex (Khulna), told Jugantar that if digestion is not good, it affects the whole body. The process of absorption is completed by mixing another food with food, which if interrupted can increase the weight lipid profile, increase uric acid and increase the amount of glucose in the blood.

How to increase digestion?

Each person's digestion is different. It is often seen that one person becomes fat even after eating the same food and the other's health remains normal.

1. If a person is having problems eating any food, it should be noticed first. Eating fried foods, milk or burnt foods, sour foods can also be a problem. So the food that causes problems cannot be eaten. It is important to note that eating any type of food causes digestive problems.

2. Not all types of exercise increase digestion. Exercises that improve the activity of the middle part of the body, the digestive process will also increase. Nutritionists say that exercise that puts pressure on the middle part of the body facilitates the digestive process.

3. You need to know the process of eating food to increase digestion. Vegetables must be cooked with oil. Again you have to keep lemons with something meaty. Eating a small amount of lemon water after eating it works very well in digestion.

5. Waking up at night can cause digestive problems. This is because the amount of oxygen at night is low and most of the lungs are unused. Due to which it is not possible to breathe completely. At this time, due to all the senses working in the human body, a lack of oxygen is created in the body, which interferes with the process of digestion.


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