How healthy is it to eat raw eggs ?

 raw eggs

We have a common belief that raw eggs contain more nutrients than boiled or cooked eggs. But at the same time we are hearing this warning, eating eggs without cooking is like a death trap. Now the question is which one is right?

It is true that the vitamins and minerals in eggs are lost during cooking. Raw eggs are high in vitamin B (B6 and folate), vitamin E, the mineral nutrients choline and the antioxidants alutin and zeaxanthin. But this difference is negligible.

For example, from a raw egg you will get vitamin B6.075 micrograms, choline will get 148.9 mg. On the other hand, a cooked egg contains 0.62 micrograms of vitamin B and 118 milligrams of choline.

But in the case of protein, cooked eggs are more beneficial. Our body can absorb only 50% of protein from raw eggs. On the other hand, our body can absorb 91% protein from cooked eggs. This has been proven in a study published in the Journal of Nutrition.

Studies have shown that heating during cooking changes the structure of egg protein molecules in such a way that they become more digestible.

From a raw egg our body gets only 3 grams of digestible protein; On the other hand, one gets 8 grams from a cooked egg.

In addition, raw eggs contain a bacterium called Salmonella that causes food poisoning. At least one million people in the United States are infected with food poisoning every year by eating raw eggs.

However, the bacterium responsible for food poisoning is Salmonella not only in raw eggs but also in poultry, meat, raw milk, cheese and even rotten fruits and vegetables.

Boiling or cooking eggs inactivates these bacteria and eliminates the risk of food poisoning.

Source: Fox News


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